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Stress Also Had a Positive Impact

Stress, almost everyone will think that stress has a negative impact on health and psychology. Why is stress bad, because the soul and the mind is confused and worried will affect the brain and heart. Although stress is closely related to various health problems, but in fact stress also had a positive impact.

According to Jacob Teitelbaum, medical director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue center of disease and chronicity Center in the United States, stress is also one of the triggers of energy in daily activities. As long as we can control it well, the stress will benefit anyone.

Stress that can still be controlled by positive thoughts, it will make life tougher with the problem. Spur to do better and fun thoughts, to escape from stress.

"Stress is a very healthy thing, because it will give us energy to live. Without stress we would not have the energy to take action," said Jacob

Just look at the "hunters" who are always looking for adrenalin stress situations to get the sensation of a heightened sense of emotional and physical. Situation that would trigger a response of "fight or go" spending that stimulates cortisol and adrenaline that triggers energy and improve immunity.

Some studies also mention the short-term stress, such as when we are facing surgery, will lead to biological changes in the body so as to accelerate the healing process. Stress is also known to increase the ability of memory.

"But when stress becomes excessive, the long period, as well as our bodies do not respond in physical activity and emotional, then the stress becomes unhealthy," said Teitelbaum.

At its core is a balance. At a certain measure of stress is not only healthy but also important. When stress is excessive it will be toxic to the body and mind.

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