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How to Choose a Good Medicine

Nowadays people can freely buy medicines according to their wishes. The longer the medical experts can make better medicine. But it is unbelievably important to understand about how to choose a good medicine and a doctor recommended, because wrong medicine is obviously very dangerous. But the thing is sometimes the direct buying prescription medicine are very expensive, so there is feeling lazy.

If you really want to buy your own, make sure you know the guidelines on how to buy medicines, and also do not dwell on the promotion of medicines for curing sick, please observe the following.

Whether or not to buy drugs. If only cough and cold alone would not have to (take) antibiotics.

Purchase price. This is the determining factor and a major consideration for most patients. John advised patients to get the courage to ask about possible drug options.

Compliance in taking medication according to doctor's instructions.

Drug is not everything. "To recover medicines is not everything. Patients with hypertension not only have to take medication, but also reduce the salt. Similarly, patients with diabetes, blood sugar will not be controlled if only medication but also have to adjust your diet and exercise," he explained.

Tell medicine have been consumed. To avoid the possibility of interaction between the medicines with other drugs and side effects, tell your doctor what drugs are currently being consumed so that physicians can consider the choice of drug to be administered.

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