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Vacation to Tourism Increases Feeling Happiness

How to make your mind fresh and happy, everyone must know about their happiness. One of them is on vacation to places where tourism is now the choice of many people to escape from the bustle and refresh the mind. However, if you want a higher sense of happiness, go traveling or adventure. In general vacation to tourism increases feeling happiness, when with family or friends.

Unforgettable experience that we get from traveling to new places turned out to provide a greater sense of satisfaction than if we were on vacation to a luxury or a concert in order to impress others.
"When people spend money to do something to impress others, it will reduce the sense of satisfaction," said Ryan Howell, assistant professor of psychology at San Francisco State University.

Howell conducted a survey of 241 people and found that those who spend money to make new experiences that match your interests to feel more satisfaction. These people will eventually feel more competent and not lonely.

"Questions you should ask ourselves is why we spend money. Personal motivation that will affect the feeling of happiness," he said.

A vacation is supposed to make the body and mind back to prime. So, do not let the money set aside to fund the holiday did not even give any experience.

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