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Really Want to Snacking After Exercise, Signs of Malnutrition?

Is it possible that our bodies are still malnourished? Do not assume that our bodies have fulfilled all the nutrients. Okay that has consumed a healthy menu, but definitely better to know the adequacy of nutrient intake in the body.
It turns what we want to eat after exercise can be measure of whether the body malnourished. Really want to snacking after exercise, signs of malnutrition?

According to Joanne Casulli, holistic health and nutrition experts from Scottsdale, Arizona, taste to snack after a workout may mean you lack the necessary nutrients in the body.

"The desire to eat something after a workout can be suggested as a message from the brain that the body runs out of something that is essential for the functioning of the improvement, development, and cell growth,"

This habit can be a bad thing if what we eat too much, adjust diet to be in vain. It is a certain type of food that is not good even for a fitness program.

1. Savory foods
Savory food cravings are a sign that the body is dehydrated. In addition, the body may also lack the minerals sodium and sodium. To fix this, make it a habit to drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise.

2. Fatty foods
If the sports hobby is not matched with a healthy lifestyle by adjusting the diet. The desire to eat fatty foods is a sign that your body is deficient intake of fat, but do not overdo it.

3. Sweet foods
If you so wish, perhaps you are in need of additional protein or carbohydrate. "Want to eat sugar is a sign that the brain tells us, one of the sources of energy in the body is running low," he said.

You certainly know about the three types of food, fat and sugar consumed in excessive amounts is not recommended. After the exercise of good consume protein, wheat, beans and fruit juices.
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