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Fact Benefits of Coffee on a Man's Sperm

Studies on the effects and benefits of coffee on a man's sperm , a group of researchers from the University of Sao Paulo , Brazil mentions men who regularly drink a cup of coffee every morning to have sperm are able to swim more agile than men who never drank coffee in the morning . In addition to reducing the risk of diabetes with its caffeine content , coffee has been known to accelerate blood circulation properties and help burn fat .

They studied 750 men who will perform vasectomy and divide it into four groups based on the amount of coffee they consume , ie, those who do not drink coffee , light coffee drinkers ( between one to three cups of coffee per day ) , moderate coffee drinkers ( between four - six cups per day ) and heavy coffee drinkers ( more than six cups per day ) .

This study used a 100ml cup size scale . As a result, those who regularly consume coffee daily had sperm quality is much healthier than those who did not consume coffee , although it is recommended to drink coffee in sufficient quantities .

You have absolutely no need to gulp 5 cups of coffee a day to make yourself infertile men . Enough 1-3 cups per day , then you will get the healthy benefits of drinking coffee .

The content of caffeine in coffee helps the sperm able to swim faster in addition to help improve sperm sample in the process of IVF ( in vitro fertilization ) , method of fertilization outside the womb . Results were published in the conference proceedings of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine , San Antonio , Texas .

While a separate study conducted in the State University of New York , Buffalo , said that coffee is far better than the marijuana that proved shorten lifespan of sperm , erectile disorder and potentially reduce fertility significantly.

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