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Cause Tooth Decay, Due to Wrong Toothbrushing

Why not be the white teeth, why is emerging tooth cavity, but is regular brushing teeth. For me and most people colored teeth and tooth decay a serious problem, not just the appearance, but also on health. There may be a cause tooth decay, due to wrong toothbrushing.

So you need to self-introspection as well, why would your tooth is damaged. I hope the yellow teeth, or cavities, not too bad, so they can prevent it. In fact, according to the prosthodontist (specialist dental reconstruction and aesthetic) Dr Michael Lenchner, DDS, there are some common mistakes that people make when brushing your teeth, and even cause tooth decay.

Do not scrub a long time
According to Lenchner, who is also director of the New York Dental Forum, you should brush your teeth for two or three minutes. In fact, most people are always in a hurry when brushing your teeth, whether due to sleep or be active. With a long time hoped that all the dirt in the mouth is clean.

Not noticed when brushing teeth
You better brush your teeth, staring at the mirror, to see that the toothbrush has touched the parts that need to be cleaned.

Rub the wrong technique
Which one is brushing your teeth sideways, described Dr. Lenchner like sawing a tree. This makes you damage the tooth enamel, causing tooth cracked and brittle. The truth is holding a hair brush to brush the teeth are at a 45 degree angle to the tooth surface, then brush in small rounds. Focus on a few teeth first, then move to the next gear, from side to side, top and bottom, front and rear.

Brushing too strong
Tooth enamel can be damaged when brushed too strong. Especially if you have a habit of his teeth while sleeping, the results are getting worse. This habit, combined with brushing sideways as noted above, may cause indentations near the gum line called abfraction lesions. Brushing too hard also cause gum sensitivity, irritation, and the recession.

Use the wrong brush
Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles yagn, even the "ultrasoft" to reduce damage. Even a soft bristle brush can still cause abrasion (erosion of the gums) if used the wrong way, said Lenchner. Although the electric toothbrush is not popular here, but this type of toothbrush he can help you reach places that must be cleaned.

Not use dental floss
Flossing should be done to clean up the rest of the food is not reached by a toothbrush. Cavities are usually formed on the surface where the two teeth touch. That is because the bacteria get caught in it, eat sugar from food particles, colonize, and produce chemicals that erode tooth enamel, to the soft layer of dentin underneath. This then lead to cavities.

No rinsing with clean
Already brushed your teeth and floss properly, will remove plaque that contains bacteria from the tooth surface. After that, rinse it thoroughly to make sure the bacteria is gone forever. Use alcohol-free mouthwash, or the use of fluoride to strengthen and fortify the tooth enamel and prevent cavities. If there is no mouthwash, rinse with water will suffice.

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  1. Wow. I never knew this. I've been talking to my dentist in Colorado Springs about teeth whitening and I'll definitely have to ask him about this.