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Recognize the Advantages Drink Coffee

What exactly is coffee good benefits, the article says that there is also caffeine is harmful to health. The habit of drinking coffee with a normal amount would have the advantage. Therefore recognize the advantages drink coffee, if we are fond of enjoying coffee.

There are even that states: "Coffee is the elixir of life savior," said Sanjiv Chopra's liver health experts, from Harvard Medical School. He also suggested that coffee consumption is black coffee, you can add a little low-fat milk.
Although the current workings of the coffee in the body remains a mystery, but large-scale epidemiological studies have consistently shown the benefits of coffee. Here are some health benefits of coffee:
  • Three cups of coffee a day lowers the risk of skin cancer benefit in women up to 20 percent.
  • The risk of death from prostate cancer men who consumed more than six cups of coffee a day reduced to 60 percent.
  • Eating at least a cup of coffee every day can lower the risk of stroke by 25 percent.
  • Consumption of two cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk of depression in women.
  • Three compounds in coffee, namely caffeine, caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid are also shown to reduce the risk of developing type two diabetes.
  • Older people who consumed three cups of coffee per day were found to have lower risk of developing Alzheimer's.

Despite the many benefits of coffee more than the harm, but we need to realize also that the current health experts do not recommend people start drinking coffee to prevent disease.

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