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Prevent Transmission of HIV in Infants

Research shows that HIV-positive pregnant women at risk of transmitting the virus to her baby about 35 percent. How to prevent transmission of HIV has become a difficult problem. The fact that risk consists of 7 percent risk during pregnancy, bleeding at the time of delivery (vaginal) 15 percent, and breast milk of 13 percent. But the. For parents trying to prevent transmission of HIV in infants, the following may help reduce the risk percentage.

Possible things that can help prevent HIV transmission from pregnant mother to baby can be done in three ways, namely pregnant women need to take medicine antiretroviral (ARV), through the process of delivery by caesarean section, and the provision of artificial milk.  If those three things done, maybe the risk was 35 percent can stay only 1 percent. So it is almost certain the baby is not infected.

Recommended every woman planning a pregnancy to undergo tests for hepatitis B, HIV, and some other tests. Because of the earlier detected, the risk of HIV transmission to infants can be reduced to a minimum.

Even so, a very important business with the help of a specialist. HIV disease is very serious and contagious. 3 ways to prevent transmission of the above should be done early in pregnancy by taking medicine that suppressing the HIV virus in the doctor recommended, and performed regularly. The possibility of contracting has not been established 0%, only from 35% to 1%
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