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Obesity Related with Heart Disease

What most people fear about obesity, one of which is a heart attack. This has been realized by many people in the world anywhere. Obesity in addition to making a bad performance, is also associated with health problems due to organ fat in the blood vessels. The fact that obesity related with heart disease.

The researchers analyzed data on more than 75,000 people in Copenhagen. They found that people with high BMI levels had 26 percent higher risk of heart disease. Further analysis using genetic data and other shows, each 4-point increase in BMI increases the risk of heart disease is less than 52 percent.

"By conducting epidemiological studies combined with genetic analysis, we have been able to almost 76,000 people showed that those with a BMI higher risk of heart damage," said Borge Nordestgaard, chief physician at Copenhagen University Hospital.

"Observational studies also show an association between heart disease and obesity, but it is not sufficient to prove a direct relationship. People with obesity have a shared characteristic or lifestyle characteristics that influence the development of heart disease and weight loss. Or there may even reverse causality, ie, pain the heart that causes obesity and not vice versa, "said Nordestgaard, who is also a clinical professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medical.

Co-researcher, Dr. Nicholas Timpson, professor of genetic epidemiology at the University of Bristol in England noted, "given the rising obesity rates, this finding is very important to raise public awareness. Our research shows that a shift in lifestyle that promotes a lower BMI - would reduce the likelihood of developing the disease the heart. "

The study was published on May 1, 2012 in the journal PLoS Medicine.

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