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Sunlight Can Prevent Heart Attacks

Sunlight can prevent heart attacks. The findings, published on 15 April 2012 in the journal Nature Medicine indicate that exposure to strong light, and even during the day can reduce a patient's risk of heart attack or damage from a heart attack.

The researchers, Dr. Eckle and Holger Eltzschig of the University of Colorado Denver, states, individuals who are victims of heart attacks tend to recover faster if their condition is exposed to sunlight.

The researchers found, the answer lies in the circadian rhythm or body clock, which is associated with light and dark, which is regulated by the protein in organs such as brain and liver, and a protein called Period 2, which plays an important role in maintaining the heart of the damages of a heart attack.

The workings of the sun's rays to prevent heart attacks;

The researcher explained that during a heart attack, oxygen is very little or even not get to the heart. Without oxygen, the heart will find substitute fuels by shifting the metabolism of fat, which is a source of energy and convert it into glucose, to protect heart cells from death.

In laboratory studies using animals exposed mice, circadian rhythms during the day to enable the production of proteins called Period 2. Keep in mind, Period 2, plays a major role in making the heart more efficient metabolism by changing the fuel from fat to glucose, helps the heart to overcome injuries and minimize damage from a heart attack.

"This study shows that the strong light, or even just during the day, can reduce your risk of heart attack or damage from a heart attack," said Professor Eckle from the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

"For patients, this could mean that sun exposure in the hospital can reduce the damage caused by heart attack," he added

The researchers noted, the need for further research, especially to understand how light can alter cardiac metabolism in humans, and how exposure to light can be used to treat heart attack patients.


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