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Check and Read Food Labels Carefully Before Buying

How do I get an instant healthy packaged foods, may need to be known. It is usually packaged foods in supermarkets has already secured his health, but also outs of course. One way to get healthy product that is used to check and read food labels carefully before buying. In this case, the consumer can be expected as a connoisseur of critical services and protect themselves from the contamination of hazardous materials that may be contained in any food product.

Here are things to consider when reading the labels of food products such as disclosed Suratmono:

Name of the processed food
Name type is a statement or information concerning the identity of processed food. Trade name is a sign of the pictures, names, words, letters, numbers, color composition, or a combination of these elements, having distinguishing features and used in food distribution activities.

Net weight or net contents
Net weight or net contents is a statement on the label that provides information about kuantitias or the amount of processed food contained in the packaging.

Name and address of manufacturer or distributor
For processed food in the country, there is a name and address of the processed food manufacturers in the region of Indonesia. For processed food from abroad, listed the names and addresses of the manufacturers in foreign countries as well as the name of the distributor / importer.

Description expired
This is the deadline for a guaranteed quality of processed food during storage following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Description expiration imprinted on the label preceded by the words "Good used before".

Production code
This is the code that can provide an explanation of the history of the production process of the processed food produced in the same conditions and time. Production code can be accompanied by or a production date (day, month, year).

Description nutrient content
This information is expressed as the information or claims of nutritional value. With this information, prospective customers can customize their nutritional needs.

Description of the storage instructions
Processed food in containers that may not be consumed in one meal should include storage means after the packaging is opened.

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