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Some Errors In Storing Food in Refrigerator

In matters of food, the refrigerator becomes an essential tool for storage of food to stay fresh. But how does use of the refrigerator to consider, was unconsciously in general there are some errors in storing food in  refrigerator. That causes the food in refrigerator to be not fresh or foul, so it does not match expectations.

For the problem of food storage in the refrigerator, for example, there is serious danger that has not been fully realized by the culinary industry and consumers. That the refrigerator did not kill the bacteria, but only mempelambat growth. Therefore, there is a type of bacteria that have the spores and can survive in temperatures below minus zero degree Celsius.

If  refrigerator or freezer, it is not handled properly, the bacteria created by the contamination of other foods, will remain and cause food spoilage and disease. Two of these problems, it can not be solved simply through the cooking process.
There are several things wrong in the storage of food in the refrigerator that need to be avoided.

1. Had not noticed the right temperature. Refrigerator air temperature must be at least 1 degree Celsius lower than the desired temperature. For example, you are advised to keep poultry at temperatures of 5 degrees Celsius. Then the air temperature in the refrigerator should be at least 4 degrees Celsius.

2. Mix all kinds of food. Types of food should not be mixed between the raw and the cooked. The top of the cooked foods and ready meals. Under the fresh meat such as whole fish and beef, in the bottom again sliced ​​meats, and poultry last.

3. Storing food in the fridge too much. This makes the circulation of air and the unit work harder to keep the temperature cool. We recommend that every grocery store in the storage rack is true to type.

4. Storing hot food in the refrigerator or freezer. Cold food should be used at room temperature. Insert food into shallow containers or divide food into smaller containers to cool faster. Wait until the steam has gone completely before putting it in the refrigerator

5. Do not clean the fridge regularly. On a shelf in the refrigerator is often seen standing water due to water droplets, gravy, or sauce from the food. Damp and dirty conditions is what causes the refrigerator to be the source of the bacteria, and make the rack more difficult dibersihkan.Pastikan also to keep the refrigerator clean and dry. If you intend to travel out of town for a few days, make sure you are removing things from the refrigerator, and save it elsewhere. Then, unplug the refrigerator outlet so that you do not spend a useless power.

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