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The Benefits of Ice Cream After Eating

Consumption of ice cream a lot of people who consider it a bad thing if the habit, the fact is lots of ice cream fats. ull sugar, and all other forms of reasons. Do the benefits of ice cream, but tastes good? From all that bad, there was a bright side. Here are some points the benefits of ice cream after eating.

- A low glycemic index
According to the National Dairy Council, the ice cream has a low glycemic index. That means sugar in ice cream is slowly released into the blood. Means again, you'll feel full longer.

- Fewer Calories
As much as 75 grams of ice cream contains far fewer calories than a slice of cheesecake. Ice cream is only 110 calories, 510 calories while the cheesecake.

- Ice cream made from milk
Milk contains vitamins and nutrients that are very useful for the body: potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and vitamin K.

From the above statement, Maik's ice cream in terms of the body's energy source, so little to eat ice cream for the move was a good thing.

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