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Secret Jennifer Lopez Slim Stomach

Secret  Jennifer Lopez slim stomach. Before fame as an actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez is known as a dancer first. So when it finally became a singer, she also chose dance pop music that required a lot of dancing. In fact, Jennifer was able to move swiftly to singing and dancing in a touring series "Dance Again" which rolled out in Europe, Russia and the Middle East in recent months.

Have a beautiful belly and keep it tight at the age of 43 would need effort. She said the key point is the movement of plank (you're a frequent practice of yoga or pilates is certainly familiar with this position). The next step is as follows:

1. Perform initial position as press-ups, with the shoulders and wrists in a straight position, legs extended backwards. Head held parallel to your body.

2. Place your hands on the floor with your fingers wide. Then jump in with both feet landing to the right hand, knee position behind the right elbow. This movement makes the stomach facing to the right so to train the abdominal muscles.

3. Lompatkan return legs to starting position and hold for a few seconds. After that, lompatkan back both feet to the left hand, then lompatkan back to its original position. Make sure you give the same amount of effort for both sides.

4. Repeat this movement for 10 times in 20 seconds. After that short break, and do come back as many as four sets.

Core muscles (the muscles in the abdomen, lower back and pelvis) will be stretched if you do a plank position correctly. At the time of this movement, tighten or pull your stomach in, and continue as long as you keep doing this exercise.

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