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Tested Cosmetics for Skin Sensitivity

Women and cosmetics are two things that can not be separated. Which pastiberusaha beauty skin care and body so that it looks beautiful. But of the many cosmetic, it does not all fit applied to the skin. Rather previously tested cosmetics for skin sensitivity.

To avoid mistakes in choosing a cosmetic, try testing the skin with the following simple way:

Before you buy cosmetics or skin care products, take advantage of tester provided. Test the sensitivity of your skin by applying a thin layer of skin product on the back of his hand. Especially for facial skin care products, dab on the back of the ear between the jaws.

"The skin is more sensitive than the other parts, so they can respond quite quickly when exposed to the active ingredients of topical products," he explained.

After that, allow about five minutes. If within five minutes there is no itching or redness reaction, meaning that this product is safe for your skin.

Each skin type requires a cosmetic or skin care products with different types. Sensitive skin types will usually be very susceptible to the content of existing chemicals in cosmetics. Unfortunately, many people only consider the price and brand when buying a beauty product. In fact, cosmetics are expensive and not well-known branded a guarantee that the product will be suitable for everyone.

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