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Adverse Effects of Shaving Armpit Hairs

For women who like to look, do not escape into the axillary appearance. Many women are very concerned about the treatment axillary. The problem is if a lot of feathers that appear in the axillary, then shave it had to be diligent to keep up appearances. And if you do not correct their treatment, can the adverse effects of shaving armpit hairs.

The danger shave armpit hair
Armpit skin contains a layer of skin that is slightly different than other skin types. In this underarm skin layer there is a layer which contains a fair amount of cholesterol, ceramides and his little content (cell adhesive). This skin layer structure makes underarm skin is more sensitive than with other body parts.

Armpit hair shaving process was dangerous and it can ruin the appearance. Because when shaving armpit hair, about 1/3 the skin around the axillary or 2-3 mg would help exfoliate the skin. Without any need to be shaved, the skin will peel off naturally. However, by shaving the skin is forced to peel.

Who were forced to peel the skin will make the skin younger who are not ready to "perform" up to the surface too quickly. As a result, young skin will be healthy should be a layer of dry, rough, damaged, due to injuries suffered irritation, and skin armpit turn black. Evidently, about 68 percent of women who shave armpits armpits feel that the skin turned black. Approximately 83 percent of women experience irritation after shaving, and about two of the three women find their skin becomes rough after shaving.

A skin condition like this will definitely ruin the appearance and your self-confidence, especially when wearing a sleeveless dress. In addition, the skin of armpit feels sore and tender. Therefore you should know how to shave armpit hair is good.

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