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How to Shave Armpit Hairs So Good

Armpit hair typically will appear on every adult, including women. So how good way to clean the armpit hairs. Shaving armpit hair into the choice of many women to remove underarm hair is considered to interfere with performance, and also one of the "nest" of bacteria that causes body odor. For the sake of making a beautiful appearance armpits, women need to clean the armpit hairs that interferes

There are how to shave armpit hairs so good at shaving armpit hair could lead to some unintended consequences, such as irritation, underarm skin is more rugged, black, or even injury.

1. Make sure the razor in a clean condition, because if dirty can cause bacterial contamination on the skin. Perform these activities in the morning when almost out of the shower, to make sure the skin is still damp armpits. "In addition, conditions are also more subtle armpit hair so it will be easier to shave," he explained. Shave in the morning will also make the skin not to be rude armpit.

2. Avoid shaving underarm hair when you are swimming, whether in the pool or the beach. Levels of chlorine in the pool, and high salt on the coast would make the newly shaved skin of the armpit so that the skin becomes irritated stinging. However, if planning to swim in the morning, shaving armpit hair at night.

3. Every person has the speed of hair growth is different, so the frequency of shaving can be adjusted and do not need every day. Pencukuruan process every day it will make your skin more sensitive and more frequently injured. Irritation will be more dominant due to injuries that occur.

4. After shaving, do not think that axillary treatment is completed. Because when there are at least shave the new skin grows younger, and trigger the creation of a wound in the armpit. In order for the wound in the armpit is not getting worse, irritation, and finally makes enlarged pores, use deodorant. Choose a deodorant that does not just smell, but also can take care of underarm skin, moisturizes, and helps to repair skin cells, such as deodorants that contain vitamin E, moisturizer, and other.

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