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Relieve Stress by Do Good to Others

Wherever possible we should avoid stress, a disorder of mind which can lower the body's health. Stress will lead to headache, high blood pressure and mental disorders. Sure everyone wants to be peaceful and avoid stress. But, life is always a problem, threat, or a task that is sometimes stressful thoughts. Apparently there are acts that can relieve stress  by do good to others.

Actual deeds easy to do, do good to others it can improve the quality of one's health by reducing stress levels. With reduced levels of stress, it will have a positive impact on one's physical and mental health as a whole.

Thus the results of research on social movements named Week Doing Good in Man (Be Kind To Humankind Week) conducted December 25 to 31 August each year. The study concludes, if someone in the frame of mind to the love and support of others, will have better health than people who do not.
Do good even shown to increase dopamine in the brain hormone, making a person feel calm and happy. In addition, kindness can also increase self-respect, reduce anxiety and grumbling.

The main reason to do good to relieve stress, because all these positive feelings arise is very simple. Since we spend much less time to feel worried and anxious. Then devote time to helping other people's problems. But be reminded of all, do not do good in excess. Because, if you help others on the ability of self, even going negative effect on the health and happiness.
The researchers believe that if the nature of altruism is closely related to human interaction. It also helps us as living beings to make friends and even find a partner. Socially, it also makes people run with the reduced individual tasks to help each other.

So, is not it wonderful to do good? and worth the reward?
If we do good to others God will be more dear to us. We will get happiness and peace of this simple but very valuable.

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