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Get Your Happiness from Your Inspiration

How to live is always excited and happy. The feeling of happiness, automatically creates a feeling of enthusiasm, and vice versa.
As an example; one time sweetheart or people you care about will birthday, there must be a sense of passion to give a beautiful surprise to him / her, a sense of excitement and happiness', is not it? 
Get the passion to feel happy it looks difficult, when actually is easy, then look for a good inspiration to find your happiness.

One of my inspiration is the Spiderman movies, especially the first Spiderman. Long story short Peter Parker is a good and clever. His life was not easy, he was poor so it should work on the sidelines of the college. Although he often blamed my friends at school, he had never been worse, he's a patient man. Look at him easy smile, but his life is not as easy smile. 

"Peter Parker fighting for his life, enthusiasm work and college, do not despair when the environment is always hurt. Although he was unable to get love Marie Jane, do not undermine the strength of his enthusiasm life" 

Just a smile from heart idol MJ can make him happy, is not this simple?
Received little money from his photo in a newspaper company, he was happy, is not this simple?

Then elected Peter Parker as Spiderman. It is the responsibility ..!! strength needed to help the human family around him. He was willing to help any who needed help, although he did not get a reward or salary of his ability.  Spiderman even be bothered adan college job because they have to help people.

In fact, if he is always happy? whether he was always enthusiasm, he said no ..! because that's life. Lost an uncle, not trusted friend. But the spirit that makes him always gets happiness, he can always rise from the difficulty, even with shoulder responsibility.

"I was inspired to become a Spiderman. But the spirit of life, be kind to others, willing to help and enjoy the happiness no matter how small."

Inspiration is love to anyone, inspiration is the feeling like to help, inspiration is goodness. This life there are always temptations, problems, and responsibilities, but still many people around us who love us, our love will cause goodness, and spirit of life.

Spiderman said; "The greater one's power, the greater the responsibility"

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