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The Popularity of Plastic Surgery in South Korea

Plastic surgery in South Korea is not a taboo anymore to do. In fact, cosmetic surgery has become part of the lifestyle in order to obtain the expected beauty. The popularity of plastic surgery in South Korea is mostly driven obsession with Hollywood celebrities beauty style. Typically, only one of 77 women in Asian countries that do plastic surgery to get a perfect beauty. January, known, among other countries, most patients who have the operation performed is South Korea.

In south korea, so popular plastic surgery procedures, plastic surgery lead actors have a similar face each other. This can be seen when the photograph of the finalists of Miss Korea 2013 circulated on the site Reddit. Many people speculate that nearly all the finalists perform plastic surgery in general because their faces resemble each other. Have an average length dark black hair, pale white skin, bright eyes, and a smile that showed white teeth are lined up neatly.

"There is so much interest in plastic surgery is performed in Korean plastic surgery resulted in chaos and eventually create the same face."
comments from the owner of the account HotBrownie,

The popularity of plastic surgery in South Korea is perhaps the most shocking cosmetic industry. However, that's the reality now. Last year, 20 percent of women aged 19-49 years who live in big cities like Seoul admitted to having had plastic surgery on her face. One of the most frequently requested procedures are eyelid surgery line, which makes the eyes look bigger and make them look more western.

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