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Unique Diet of Korean Artist with Banana

Excessive body weight has been experiencing disturbing thoughts, of course, everybody likes to ideal body condition. Already a normal thing when suggesting methods of diet and exercise, it's simple but difficult. We found the diet to maintain ideal body shape of "Seo in Young". Unique diet of Korean artist with banana.

One theory is bananas contain enzymes that can speed up the digestion process which results in weight loss. Meanwhile, another theory says, the cause is a powdery substance that makes the stomach always feel full and increase fat burning.

Methods of dietary
For breakfast, you only need 1-2 banana with two glasses of water. Then for lunch, can eat anything, but avoid foods that contain lots of oil. For kicks, you can eat banana when starting 1/2-1 hungry. Or so that do not get bored, okay mencamil sweet midafternoon snack. At dinner, you are allowed to eat anything, provided with a nutritionally complete, and the clock should not eat after 8 pm.

Although nutritious and low calorie (only contain 72-135 calories), bananas do not have the special ability to lose weight. Better combine bananas with low-fat yogurt (150 calories and 12 grams of protein) for a delicious nutritious breakfast. The most important of the diet is, the calories you consume must be balanced with the calories you burn.

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