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Avoid Doing the Following Things After Intercouse

Romance in marriage is very important when have intercourse. On the other hand sexual relations is also media partner in love and respect each other. It's important not to leave immediately after having sex partner, involve her in activities your little ones. Avoid doing the following things after intercouse with a partner. This is for keeping your romance together.

1. Attitude in a hurry grab a cell phone or computer close after having sex, make a couple other prejudiced. "It could be he did not enjoy sex because of the concentration divided by the job?" No matter your stance in a hurry due to urgent work or to check email from a colleague, but leave time to pamper the couple is still needed.

2. Jump out of bed and went to the bathroom or wearing clothes immediately after sex, will make it feel neglected and wondered what he had done wrong. When you feel so cluttered appearance after having sex, believe that the couple just liked looking at you in a situation like that.

3. After doing a great activity, perhaps your energy drained away and rush to bed. In fact, when you both are in bed after experiencing the peak of pleasure, tucked away from the couple hope to enjoy romantic moments together. Conceivably, what if hope has failed to see that all of a sudden you fell asleep?

4. Conduct a serious conversation. This will create a good mood built up it will turn 180 degrees if you open a serious conversation. For example, complaints about which you feel in the office or the kids who started stubborn. So, focus your conversation with a pleasant selection of topics.

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