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Peeping Secrets of Body Slim Kelly Clarkson

Who does not know with Kelly Clarkson? she was 30 years old singer, successful event catapulted her through the popular talent search American Idol Season 1. More recently, there was something different in appearance. Kellly have slimmer than previous appearances. Let's peeping secrets of the body slim Kelly Clarkson.

In the June issue of the magazine cover UsWeekly, Kelly managed to amaze everyone with his new penampila look slim. The magazine also said, "How I Lost 30 Pounds!"

In recent years, Kelly is often bombarded with criticism about the growing weight. But now she had proved herself to lose weight to 30 pounds or 13.6 kilograms, thanks to diet, exercise, and of course, the support of her new lover.

In an interview with UsWeekly, the singer's hits Breakaway reveal some secrets slim. First of all, she confessed to the schedule of training five days a week and a strict diet. For six whole months, she lost weight by 30 pounds.

Not only that, Kelly also thanked her new boyfriend, Brandon Blackstock (35), thanks to the inspiration for slimming. "No one who does not want to change appearance when a date," said Kelly. And fortunately for Kelly, Brandon is very supportive.

"Now, Kelly feels better than ever," said a source. "Kelly just wants to look beautiful for Brandon." Currently, Kelly is still a prime target weight loss of about 10 pounds or 4.5 kilograms more.

So, like what other diet secrets Kelly? According to his personal trainer Nora James, Kelly doing cardio and weight training sessions. Kelly also said, "I just ran when I felt the need to relieve stress."

When dieting, Kelly avoiding foods like hamburgers and junk food Fish n Chip (FNC), in the form of fried fish and potatoes. Now, Kelly only eat vegetables and healthy protein like chicken and fish. Instead of snacking all day, she chose to drink plenty of water and took a walk his dog.

Kelly also did not want to run too strict diet. To control his hunger, she occasionally drank a margarita or eat a plate of barbecue. "She also ate other foods to compensate,"That's proof she was able to lose weight, can be an inspiration.

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