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Healthy Habits Barack Obama Family

Implement healthy lifestyle behaviors that are obviously very good. Healthy lifestyle applicable U.S. President Barack Obama, look at the body he had always been fit and healthy. Likewise, his wife, Michele Obama. Apparently, for occupying the White House, they never miss exercise and always eat a healthy diet. President family who showed a good example, healthy habits Barack Obama family.

This was revealed by White House chef, Sam Kass, and Obama personal fitness trainer, Cornell McClellan. According to Kass, everyday he always serves a variety of vegetables for the Obama family, including spinach, broccoli, green beans, fish, chicken, and brown rice.

"The Obamas are still enjoying pizza or a burger, but they have a very balanced diet," says Kass.

For if the body's activities, family activities President running, basketball, football, push-ups, jumping rope, or boxing as a fitness prescription.

In an interview with Prevention magazine in March 2012, Michelle Obama revealed that the parents should explain to children the importance of exercising the reason that they are motivated.

He also revealed always provide healthy snacks at home. "My kids love the fresh fruits or dried. For a long time I used to put fruit in a container that is easy to reach them," he said.

Kass and McClellan reveals secrets of fitness and health of the Obama family in front of hundreds of children who follow the activities of the United States Department of Education. The activity was part of the campaign "Let's Read, Let's Move" was initiated by the Ministry of Education to encourage the kids more active as well as a lot of reading to fill their summer holiday activities.

"Making children like to read, improve their knowledge is very important. However, physical activity is equally enjoyable. Healthy lifestyle will continue to take effect until the children are grown," said Duncan.


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