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Menthol Cigarettes Increases The Risk of Stroke.

Smoking dangers that threaten the health of the heart and blood vessels. Recent studies indicate, dangers of menthol cigarettes increases the risk of stroke. Menthol cigarette smoking is often considered a mild, but even more dangerous.

As published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers claim that those who choose menthol cigarettes tend to be at greater risk of stroke than non-menthol cigarettes vacuum. According to the study of Canadian scientists, the real risk of stroke was found in women and their menthol smokers from non-African ancestry.
Authors of the study also suggested that menthol cigarettes really be avoided in order to reduce the risk of stroke. One important thing, all kinds of cigarettes should be avoided because it may pose a risk of disease.

"Everything was bad, it was said. From the perspective of harm reduction, this study suggests to avoid cigarettes, at least a kind of menthol," said Nicholas Vozoris, clinic staff at St Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Canada.

In his study, Vozoris using information taken from the lifestyle and health survey that included 5028 adult smokers. The survey was conducted between 2001 and 2008. Overall, 26 percent of respondents stated that they used to smoke menthol cigarettes, and the remaining non-menthol cigarette smoke.
Some experts argue, menthol easier for people to begin to learn to smoke and more difficult to stop because it's hard to disguise the smell of tobacco.

Among the sucking of menthol cigarettes, as much as 3.4 percent said they had suffered a stroke. Meanwhile, as much as 2.7 percent menthol smokers without stroke. After controlling for factors such as gender, ethnicity, and age of smokers, as well as the number of cigarettes smoked, Vozoris concluded that menthol cigarettes vacuum twice the risk of stroke than those who smoked non-menthol. The difference is very obvious in women and smokers of other than African-American tribe.

Among study participants, stroke three times more common among menthol cigarette-sucking. Even so, Vozoris said the study could not prove menthol cigarettes have resulted in an increased risk of stroke, and not the immeasurable difference between the vacuum and without menthol menthol cigarettes.

The study also said that menthol cigarettes are not associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, or heart attack, compared with a standard cigarette.

President of the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Director of the Section of Cardiology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Gordon Tomaselli argues, these studies have demonstrated the link between menthol smoking and risk of stroke, but not associated with high blood pressure.

According Vozoris, may contain menthol in cigarette smoke have more severe effects on blood vessels, particularly vessels that supply oxygen to the brain.

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