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Fashion Highlights of Miranda Kerr

Uncover the charm of Miranda Kerr, who has beautiful appearance. On the runway or when it was getting to the gym, one of the "fashion models" Victoria's Secret is still dressed chic and edgy. Wonderful, Miranda Kerr do it as if without effort at all. What he does is pick only outfit carefully, and combines the trendy and classic. Just look at the evidence. That's what makes it interesting to see the fashion highlights of Miranda Kerr.

Denim shorts and printed t-shirt. Its appearance is very casual glance, but Miranda boldly combining t-shirt and her Balenciaga boots that are both patterned print. She complements his performance with a bucket of Alexander Wang bag that can carry lots of stuff, but do not make it look "heavy".

Maxi dress. Maxi dresses are so excellent for this holiday season, but again the mother of Flynn (1) is still seen protruding through the stack model maksinya dress. Sunglasses her cat-eye style create a more glamorous, while her Hermes bag is orange-pink to give the feel of a younger and fresher.

Floral pants. Miranda is not afraid to experiment! She knows that the key is to wear a patterned print combine with other neutral colored clothing. To print flower-patterned capri pants from Celine is dikombinasikannya with a gray top that is simple, pointed-toe pumps nude color, and cranberry colors Louis Vuitton handbag.

Ladylike dress. Wife of actor Orlando Bloom is to create the appearance of Jackie Onassis-style silk dress with a red fruit-punch of the ALC accented with a hole in his neck line, platform shoes from Balenciaga is also worn with a t-shirt and denim shorts before, and the nude color bag from Alexander Wang studded.

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