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How to Through Exercise, Without Fitness Equipment

Trying to find an alternative exercise without gym equipment. Because you are not a member at the gym, does not mean you can not undergo an exercise program. There are how to through exercise, without fitness equipment. Because exercise programs are also not always require gym equipment. Can utilize their own body weight as a "burden" during rehearsals.

How to start an exercise program, first you need to consider is knowing the condition yourself. Would you like to dine and entertain relationships while out of town, or try the local food while on vacation? Almost certainly, the answer is "yes".

So, make a plan for exercise, for example:
ensure that you spend a little time to exercise every day. Although exercise will not seintens time with a personal trainer at the gym, at least will help you to keep running the exercise habit. In addition, light exercise helps burn energy coming from a variety of meals that you attended.

Try to do a program compiled by Michelle Mason, personal trainer from Quick Fitness in Brooklyn, New York, and author on this site Fitness Michelle Mason. In just 30 minutes, you can maximize your workouts by burning more fat. Without the need for a special room, or gym equipment such as the gym.

1. Warm up for five minutes of jogging, or walking in place while doing jumping jacks (melompatkan feet to the left and right, clapping his hands above his head).

2. Do the under one by one, and only stopped when it is needed. To resolve this one motion, you should only take five minutes.

* Squats or jump squats, 15-20 reps.

* Front lunges forward and side lunges.

* Push-ups, 15-20 reps.

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