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4 Things How to Know Him a Lie?

Good and bad attitudes will not be separated from one's lifestyle, especially the mental or psychological factors. For women, you can find out when your husband or your beloved man lied. Doubt you as a woman at the time thought that your husband has been having an affair. 4 things how to know him a lie? try to pay attention to body movement.

1. While I was lying, in fact everyone will feel the stress. "When they lie, their body will be tense. As a result, their attitude will be more rigid," said Janine Driver, an expert on body language. Rigidity of the body is a sign of their subconscious to hold back and cover up his lies. As a result, physically they will fight to hold back on his lies, one of them by putting and pressing the ankle at foot of chair.

2. "The palm of the hand that opens into a symbol of comfort and openness. So when they lie, they instinctively feel the need to hide his hands," said Patti Wood, author of Success Signals: A Guide to Reading Body Language.
In addition to closing both hands, a sign of another lie is that they tend to hide his hands behind his back.

3. Occasionally lifting one or both shoulders, "Be careful when he's doing this while answering questions such definitive 'I'm not cheating,'" said Janine. Shrug is how to strengthen a lie. They usually are not aware of this movement, because movement is emerging from the subconscious, and done to reduce their guilt.

4. Men are not used to lying will touch his face after the utter lies, and trying to hide his mouth. This happens instinctively, as if they do not believe what had just said, like rubbing your nose with your index finger.

This is a little help to convince you about what he did, and hopefully will remain a good relationship, durable and beautiful wedding, without the lies and having an affair actions of each person.

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