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Raw Vegetables Better Than Juice

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables more delicious juice form. Fruit and vegetable consumption is closely connected with a bunch of healthy living and diet. Then the fruit or vegetable juice what is best for maintaining a slim body, or for weight loss. As is generally the brightly colored fruits and green vegetables such as oranges, carrots, berries, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, etc.. But the actual raw vegetables better than juice for weight loss.

Mayo Clinic nutrition expert, RD LD Katherine Zeratsky, say, low-sodium vegetable juice can increase the amount of intake of vegetables in your diet program. However, he added, should you only eat vegetable juice on a regular basis and not be a daily routine, let alone replace the intake of raw vegetables is still needed by the body.

"The lack of intake of raw vegetables would cause the risk of constipation, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and overweight," says Zeratsky.

Vegetable juices contain vitamins and minerals are high, but lower fiber content than raw vegetables because pelumatan process in a blender. Meanwhile, Zeratsky said, adults need at least 203 cups of vegetables every day. This amount will vary depending on each person of age, gender, and physical activity. You can get these vegetable requirements from various sources, can be either raw or cooked vegetables, fresh or chilled vegetables, canned vegetables and vegetable juices.

What is important, balance your intake of vegetables and fresh fruit or raw juice to your diet program a success and remain healthy.

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