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Wrong Action Brushing Teeth After Eating

Brushing your teeth properly, there was a way, not arbitrarily at any time immediately brush your teeth, especially after eating. Though has been more people are applying brushing teeth immediately after eating. It turned out this way is not good to do. Here describe the wrong action brushing teeth after eating
Dental health experts said, brushing teeth in the span of half an hour after eating or drinking a cup of coffee can seriously impact on tooth decay.

Brushing your teeth at the "wrong" - especially in a time span of 20 minutes after a meal - it can push acid into the teeth absorb so much faster than the trigger corrosion of teeth decay naturally. 
"By brushing teeth, you actually have pushed deeper into the acidic enamel and dentin," said Dr. Howard R. Gamble, president of the Academy of General Dentistry in an interview.

The researcher explained, after someone drank soft drinks or acidic, the acid will erode the teeth enamel and the layer below the enamel, called dentin.
Studies have shown that the process will be faster corrosion occurs when teeth brushed within half an hour after consuming one soft drink. The habit of making a layer of enamel is damaged.

In his study, researchers asked the volunteers wore dentin samples in their mouths, and test a different regimen of brushing time-different. The test results show, brushing teeth within 20 minutes after drinking a soft drink turned out to be more easily damaged teeth. The study also revealed, for those who just eat spicy food, wait until one hour after the meal seems to be enough to avoid negative effects.
"After a period of intra-oral between 30 and 60 minutes, the damage appears significantly less severe than the control group who did not brush my teeth. 

So in conclusion, that brush your teeth immediately after eating leftovers to put pressure on the teeth, resulting in korosis. We recommend rinsing after eating, and brush after more than 30 minutes.

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