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Personality Types Based on Blood Type

Personality types based on blood type. Well, there is  way to know someone's personality. In addition to the zodiac, blood type is also considered to determine the nature and personality. Although there is no scientific evidence that confirms this, but is believed by most Japanese people, especially in terms of determining the date. According to them, a person's blood type affects the way dating and love life.

Want to recognize your beloved idol? maybe you need to know her blood type. Although not certain, but the way it can be used for parameter neighbor's personality. Do not wrong, this would have to take on the personality of your partner.

Blood type A 
People with blood type A is the type of person who is serious, sensible, patient, and loyal. They are a good and trustworthy. Maybe not the one full of surprises and romantic, but they are able to provide emotional support to their partners. They include people who are talkative, and easily strained relationship.

Blood group B
Blood Type B people are classified as wild, passionate, creative, and powerful. Unfortunately they have a selfish nature, and less responsible. In Japan, people with blood type B is the most avoided a potential partner. However, you do not need to directly avoid people with blood type B. We will never know how our soul mate, right? Who knew he would be able to complete your properties.

Blood type AB 
Blood Type AB is one of those cool, rational, friendly, and adaptable. They are a good friend to her partner. They are also very easy to fall in love, but it is the type of couple who would not love you like you love them. They also include people who are less critical.

Blood type O
They are a very pleasant, optimistic, and socially. O-type person warm and full of love. They're the type who is very romantic, and full of surprises that will make you melt, even when you do not expect it. Unfortunately, those types of people are jealous, a little cocky, and arrogant. Quite often they will check the phone book and SMS on your mobile phone because of jealousy.

I hope, take the personality of each couple. When there is a shortage, try untukl better understood. Sometimes a person's innate nature is difficult to understand, well, that's what we know very little about his personality based on blood type.

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