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New Body Massage with Liquid Candle

Choosing a massage to body scrubs, of course each person has their own needs. More massage aims to unwind the body and stress. Choice of massage to relieve tired and keeps the body relaxed usually with aromatherapy oil massage. Well, but there are different massage sensation, which is a massage with warm liquid wax. It is possible you have ever felt, or maybe just heard, the new body massage with liquid candles.

Belonging to attract new sensation. This treatment is actually almost the same as other massage, which is different is the use of wax as the massage oil. 
Massage treatments with this candle brings the sensation of the warm massage oil with properties wax, shea butter, palm oil, and aromatherapy. The specialty of this treatment lies in the techniques of warm wax poured on the body and followed by a gentle massage at the relaxation point for blood circulation and reduce fatigue and stress.

This is not a paraffin wax candles, but candles are made from petroleum, and has been processed and added some other ingredients. So that when the fire was lit, the wax will melt and can be used for massage. 
Because it is made from petroleum, and then when the molten wax is poured into the body to be massaged, this wax will not harden like wax in general. When poured, the wax will serve as a gentle massage oil and work to remove dead skin cells. Candles in the treatment serves to bind the impurities from the skin to aid skin regeneration process. The content of shea butter and palm oil was believed to moisturize and nourish the skin, while aromaterapinya can provide a relaxing effect on the body and mind.

There are four types of Massage Candle option that has the function and properties of each;

  • Exotic Frangipani frangipani flower with the sensation that serve to moisturize, soften, add nutrients to the skin, and maintain elasticity.
  • Tropical Hibiscus hibiscus flower contains properties that are useful as an antiseptic, brightens dull skin and helps reduce cellulite on the body.  Lime Coconut and coconut blend provides a sense of lime which serves to brighten the skin, reduce cellulite, and fight premature aging. If the Coconut Lime suitable for dry skin types. 
  • Sacred Lotus good for oily skin because it contains lotus flower extract which is used to delay premature aging, smooth skin, and reduce weight.

New massage with liquid candle, worth checking out, even your own choice. Choose a place that provides body treatments this interesting ways.

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