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The Risk of Neurological Disorders Will be Higher

One of the neurological disorder is the risk arising from aging or age or neuropathy is a nerve disorder. As people age, the risk of neurological disorders will be higher.

Neurological disorders because of aging is one factor that can influence the occurrence of neuropathy or conditions that affect the nervous system, in which the nerve fibers become damaged as a result of injury or disease. Other factors can also lead to neuropathy is a disease of blood sugar or diabetes, and the treatment process.Neurological disorders are also easier to attack people with diabetes. It is common in patients aged over 40 years.

neuropathy generally experienced by approximately 26 percent, or one in four aged 40 years and over. While in patients with diabetes, prevalence rate increased to 50 percent, or one of the two patients. In fact, neuropathy can also attack people who have deficiencies or lack of vitamin B1, B6 and B12 with symptoms caused them pain, tingling, numbness or numbness, numbness, muscle stiffness, cramps and so forth.Generally neuropathy is often not recognized as a disease.
Only seen as a common condition due to complications from other diseases, but if left unchecked, this condition can interfere with mobility neuropathy patients.
Special people with neuropathy due to age or aging, if not treated properly, it can be a severe, potentially causing other complications.

The risk of neuropathy in diabetic patients, the increase in size with age and duration of diabetes suffered.

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