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Talking About Top Knot Updo Hairstyle

Ttrend updo hairstyle  increasingly popular this year, especially the style knot at the top (top knot). This style is an alternative for those who have long hair. If you are a woman, are interested in how to make a top knot hair style, you certainly can make easily.
Talking about top knot updo hairstyle, you will be impressed generated is elegant, sleek, cool and provide sexy neck.

Kelly Osbourne, Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jennifer Lopez, are some celebrities who are often seen wearing this hairstyle. Whether they are the gym, walks with the family, or attending a movie premiere, style top knots made ​​their appearance always mesmerizing. Besides rid chills when the weather is hot, the hair raised high above his head will also give the impression of a facelift, due to come face drawn up.

It is rather difficult to wear this style if your hair style bob. At the very least, your hair should be at shoulder height to lift and menyimpulnya overhead. In addition, there are no other requirements needed, because the order is suitable for all face shapes.

Because the order is actually very simple, you can experiment with accessories. You can use colorful barrettes or headbands like the style of Lea Michele. You can make this style a bit messy by letting your bangs hanging over her forehead like Nicole Richie. To make it more presentable, comb with slick like a ballerina bun.

To make this hairstyle, you need a hair tie, some hair clips, hair brush, and hairspray. "Start from the nape of the neck, and then brush your hair gently up into a ponytail. Then roll the hair into a knot to form a coil that you want, then secure with hairpins. Afterwards trim with hairspray," suggests Adrianne Johnston, hairstylist at Maxine salon in Chicago.

Although the top knot has been there at least two years ago, this hairstyle still seem to be trending next year. "This arrangement is easy to master, but the effect is remarkable. Arrangement also makes your hair did not get washed look still chic," he said.

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