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6 Traits Men with High Libido

 Male fertility: 6 traits men with high libido
Are men with high libido women preferred especially in intercourse. Perhaps men with high libido will surely be able to satisfy the sexual needs of women. And anyway, is not always so. It will be a problem if the he had a high libido while she is unable to keep up.

General characteristics men has good libido

Slim waist
Testosterone play a role in regulating the male libido. Once a man reaches the age of 30, metabolism slows down and makes testosterone levels decreased 1 percent each year. Well, this hormone will more quickly break down fat in the abdomen. As a result, decreased libido would be faster. Even so, does not mean that skinny guy had higher testosterone levels, you know.

Diligent exercise
Take a look if he's exercising or not. Those who regularly do strength training tend to have a higher libido, because the body needs testosterone to build muscle mass. Men with low testosterone levels will not be able to build muscle mass, no matter how much effort.

Rarely drink alcohol and smoke
Cigarette advertisements illustrate that men will always look macho and sexy with a cigarette in his mouth. However, smoking habits, plus drinking alcohol can reduce a man's sexual desire. Smoking can constrict blood vessels, so it could be that's why a man has erectile dysfunction problem. You need to consider as well, if the he used to drink more than three glasses of alcohol, there is likelihood of his penis too easy lackluster. Therefore, alcohol depress the central nervous system resulting in blood flow so limited.

Normal testes size
Testis or testicle had normal size 5x3 cm length and width of 3x2 cm. Its size should also be the same between the left and right. If one of them is smaller, it must be extra attention. In addition, the testes should feel slightly warm. If it is too warm or hot, sperm count can be reduced.

Sperm quality
Normal ejaculation of semen will produce as much as half a teaspoon, or about 2-5 cc. If the amount is less than that, it could be he just ejaculated in large quantities, have an infection, or something is inhibiting the channel ejakulatornya. Consistency and viscosity sperm should also be considered. Sperm texture a little liquid and creamy, with a slight gray color. Semen is too watery signifies male sperm count is very low.

It took longer to ejaculate
According to research by doctors and sex therapists in Canada and the U.S. In 2008, the average man takes between 3-7 minutes to ejaculate, or ideally between 7 to 13 minutes. If the sex session lasts two minutes or less, there is a possibility he's having problems with premature ejaculation. The same is true of young men who are true to the spirit of the sex session. But if he took up to 30 minutes or more to ejaculate, it was not good because it indicates a problem with him.

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