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5 Causes of Acne Due to Wrong Habits

Causes of acne in skin of normal is the wrong habits. Normal skin should not have cystic acne, a skin disease. However the appearance of pimples will interfere with performance. There are 5 causes of acne due to wrong habits.

1. touching the skin
Acne can appear anywhere on the skin that often you touch, "says Shamban. Example on the chin caused by chin while you get used to looking for fresh ideas in the office, or on the pilipis and chin because you always put the phone.

2. sweat
According to a survey, the average person touches his face 10-12 times in an hour. The frequency will be increased on a hot day in which the production of excessive sweat. Avoid wiping sweat with his hands.

3. wearing sunglasses
Wearing glasses makes oil, dead skin, dust is also easier to assemble and close the pores in the skin around the frame glasses, "says Shamban. Thing the same is true if you often wear sunglasses. To prevent acne, wash the skin area around the frame glasses more thoroughly when cleaning the skin.

4. hair
Layer haircut is a trend, but if you are classified as oily skin it can actually add to the appearance of acne. Similarly, hair bangs.

5. Side effects of facial lotion
Using facial lotion is a must to prevent the ill effects of light. But products that do not contain comedogenic ingredients can make popping blackheads.

6. stress
Stress will lead to increased levels of androgens, hormones that trigger blackheads. In addition it will also stress causes the release of cortisol and adrenal hormones that will trigger the oil glands are more active.

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