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Meal Menus to Keep Blood Sugar Levels (Diabetes)

 People with high blood sugar shall set meal menus to keep blood sugar levels.
For people with diabetes, keeping blood sugar levels is a must. The key to keeping your diet or the diet. One diet that can reduce the symptoms of type-2 diabetes is the Pritikin diet. Is it true, this diet can lower blood sugar levels in just three weeks?

Diabetes diet is low-fat, or no fat at all. But do not equate this with a vegetarian diet, because fish intake was legalized.

In the first three days on the diet, the stomach seemed uncomfortable. But then, the stomach will return to normal. Proven within a week, blood sugar levels may fall to 7 percent, and reduced the weight hinngga 4.5 kg. For maximum results, with sufficient and regular exercise, at least three times a week.

Diabetes diet guide:

* Chew vegetables and fruits as much as possible. But we must restrict enjoy juice, one cup every day. Therefore, to increase the sugar content of sugar in the blood.

* Intake of fish is better than red meat. The recommended portion of your palm. Another intake may be an option is the other protein sources such as beans.

* Routine exercise. Exercise an hour a day, helping to reduce insulin levels. If done regularly, at least three times a week, can keep.

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