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This 3 Type of Seafood Without the Risk Heart Attack

How to maintain a healthy heart? turns out that one way is by consumption of seafood. Scientists claim, eating one serving of seafood per week can reduce heart attack risk by almost 50 percent. This 3 type of seafood without the risk heart attack.

Many of the issues that seafood contains much cholesterol causes heart disease. But wait, do not like cheese, fresh seafood, red meat and fast foods, which contain saturated fat and high cholesterol. Seafood consumption would not contribute to increased levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Jackie Lynch of revealed that one should try to eat fresh seafood and frozen products are not high in sodium.

1. Salmon fish is known as the best source of Omega-3 fatty acids are well known to protect the health of the heart and blood vessels. Various studies have found that fatty acids can also cut the deaths of patients who have heart problems.

2. Lobster high content of iodine, selenium, vitamin B and low in cholesterol and calories than beef, small shrimp. As one of the foods that were considered luxury items, the lobster is also a rich source of good protein without the fat, and high vitamin E to protect body cells from damage.

3. Oysters, like other seafood, oysters high in protein, zinc, omega-3 and low in cholesterol. Nutritionists also say that oysters contain many amino acid tyrosine, which help improve mood (mood) and adjust the levels of stress

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