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Pronounce These Words, to Make Your Couple be Happy.

How to make marriage is always romantic, and live longer. Both you as a husband or wife must be smart in keeping the marriage relationship, because there are many obstacles that lead to broken relationships. For those who want marriage to last, an attempt is good communication, pronounce these words, make your couple be happy.

1.We are facing this together. Marriage is full of temptations. Suppose your partner says he has just been fired from his job, you have less than five seconds to react positively, to show that your relationship is stronger than all the problems that confront. Instead of crying thinking about the difficulties of life to come, and not necessarily as difficult as you think, better give encouragement to spouse. In addition to solve the problem, also make it not discouraged.

2. Said; "you are an expert". The best asset in a relationship is if each partner is fully admit their shortcomings. If he likes to grow crops, do not set up, let him take control of your home gardening small.

3. Be honest to say "I am really angry". Spouse often say, "I'm not angry" to avoid conflict. Will but that would extend the life of the conflict. His advice, let's say instead of bury. If harbored means you save time bomb ready to explode.

4. We live in an era of smartphones. Send a text contains, "Excuse me, ya" plus icons sadly not the same effect by staring directly as he tells his sincere apology and bersunguh it.

5. "You're special, thank you for reminding ". In a relationship, positive comments are often just in the heart, even the negative comments that swift gliding. Do you realize that only takes a short time to issue a sentence that is hurting? The good news, also took no time at all to say good things that make you really love him.

6. "No matter how angry I still love you ". When outbursts occur, each partner will be very self-centered and not thinking about the feelings of others. Anyway he was supposed to understand. All want to be understood. Only when the situation eased, each one will regret having acted selfishly. Willingness to say sorry as soon as possible to your partner will lead you on the condition of harmony back faster.

7. When your partner is in a state of sadness and frustration, often times he acted cold and distant. Or even get angry and hold, that make you go awry. Ask him or her "what can I do for you?. Instead of sulking behind, ask what you can do to help. Well, the situation would be softened and the solution was present without you knowing it.

8. Try to dare to say: I'd rather you be honest ". Point you will learn to understand each other better, and as predicted another thing that can make your partner angry." So, why should one another to conceal his annoyance or disagreement?

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