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Is it True that Cheese Can Reduce Risk of Diabetes?

Exactly what the health benefits of cheese. Dairy products are rich in calcium and vitamins known to help reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus. But of course must be balanced with a healthy diet and active. Whereas previously rarely revealing the relationship between cheese with diabetes. Is it true that cheese can reduce risk of diabetes?

Preliminary research by a team of European researchers say people who have the habit of eating cheese, 12 percent lower risk of developing diabetes than people who do not like cheese.

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinic Nutrition examines the extent to which the intake of dairy products affects the development of type-2 diabetes in eight European countries.

"Intake of total dairy products are not associated with diabetes. Consumption of cheese is one of the dairy products tend to have an inverse relationship with diabetes," said the researcher.

For those who do not like cheese, do not worry. Because the consumption of milk mixture is also associated with lower risk of diabetes, including other fermented products like yogurt and fermented milk.
Researchers could not explain why this correlation exists, but they suspect that it has to do with the fermentation process involved in making cheese.

Although the researchers did not specify the abstract conclusions which countries studied, the incidence of diabetes will probably tend to be lower for those with more active lifestyles. Researchers also confirmed that the reduced risk of diabetes in the population as a whole, not solely because cheese consumption only.
However, those who are already suffering from diabetes mellitus, consumption should be limited to the portions of cheese. American Diabetes Association recommends low-fat cheese as an option.

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