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5 Ways Relieve the Stress in The Workplace

Work in the office often causes dizziness and stress. Piling the work is one of the causes of stress that often we experience every day. In addition to the productivity of labor, long-term stress can affect physical and mental health. Anyone would want a way to relieve that stress.
There are several things you can do with a 5 ways relieve the stress in the workplace, including:

1. Between jobs, spend a little time to do stretching exercises. This exercise can you do from your seat. As stretched his arms upward, forward or sideways. You can also straighten your legs forward and then rotate your ankles together for circulation.

2. A study at Pennsylvania State University revealed to play games they can release stress and to train the brain to work with the more agile. Not only improve the ability to solve problems (problem solving).

3. Listening to favorite music can improve job performance by 10 percent. The researchers suspect that certain types of music to suit the tastes can activate parts of the brain is the center of motivation.

4. According to a study at the National University of Singapore, see the collection of funny videos on the internet can provide an extra benefit that is uplifting and relaxing the body with a laugh.

5. Chewing gum during the test tend to earn higher grades than average, according to a study at St. Lawrence University. The same could also be applied in the workplace, such as by chewing gum 15-20 minutes before a presentation or while busy at work.

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