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How to Make Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy living is not difficult. For those who want to keep idelal posture, a healthy lifestyle is the key. If it is adequate for a healthy lifestyle, the disease is not easy to subjugate at the time old age. No need to bother counting calories or sorting through foods. But the need to carefully choose the color of foods, eat whole wheat bread and eat a snack can be a healthy solution. Just try these easy ways this

1. Calculate foods color 
Most people always see the number of calories in food. From now on, consider also how the type colors contained in one serving. What kinds of vegetables are eaten in a day. Do not let the food consumed too 'white' does not exist colorful vegetables in it. The more the color of vegetables consumed, the better, as a sign of antioxidants, vitamins and fiber consumed was more and more as well.
Frequently eat fruits that are red or yellow at least once a day, this fruit contains vitamin C to maintain immunity.

2. Food interludes
Besides just eating 3 times a day, also need a snack. Usually, this snack can be consumed at about 10 am or 4 pm. This is to avoid the stomach is too empty and hungry, so it makes you ravenously eat a lot of when the meal arrives. This snack can be a whole-grain crackers or biscuits vegetables that can keep it filled the stomach.

3. Expand fiber at breakfast
Enough fiber at breakfast will make a full stomach until lunch time. This can be tricked by eating cereal or oatmeal combined with pieces of fruit such as banana and strawberry. If you can not eat cereal, bread could be his successor. Choose a bread made from wheat flour, and mix with peanut butter or fruit jam. There are less expensive, by way of balanced portions of carbohydrates and vegetables in one dish, drink water even more healthy while the drink in the morning

4. Mild exercise
Do not think that exercise must be done at the gym or on the ground with long hours. Do some stretching such as brisk walking, swinging arms and legs, for 15 minutes is routine in the morning and afternoon. If there spare time kindle the music, and dance, do this every day, quite a nice move, but it causes the body to be healthy. It would be better once you go to the gym or field.

5. Self control
In addition to the type of food consumed and exercise, the most important thing in running is yourself. How can control any food intake and appetite can hold food consumption if it is considered excessive. Self-discipline to make healthy lifestyle, youth and a healthy old age is a wonderful blessing

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