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Find Alternatives for Happiness Your Life

How can life be happy? Often we judge a happiness with success to success, that's right. But if we are not aware of the difficulties arise when the business dama, or often failed in the attempt. Because that's easily lost happiness of our mindset. Easy to become stressed, had a hard time looking for things that can please him at this time. In essence the patient felt the expectations of all his life nothing is achieved, thoughts and feelings are very dangerous for health and psychology.

Find alternatives for happiness your life, this is what we need to wake up in our souls. Wonderful life, healthy living, not expensive actually, but the perspective that needs to justify. Well, how-contaoh example to find alternatives to be happy.

Back when I was in grade school and junior high I was happy to film The A-Team, an elite group of ex-Ranger who became a federal fugitive for the mistakes they did not do. What I like is that they possessed a mature plan in preparing for action, while also they are always ready with a back-up plan, aka backup plan. Hannibal the Colonel always have an alternative if one way and the plan did not work.

In life we also should be so. We need to be flexible in looking for alternatives in our lives. When one plan fails then we should immediately look for new alternatives to keep the focus in finding a way out. When expectations fail to be reached, then maybe we can hope to find another alternative that can make us happy. Do not dwell on what we can not achieve but try to do something to find new hope.

I prefer to work and try to like what I enjoy, according to ability and conscious of the presence of failures. May be idealistic, but also realistic. For example I like to exercise outdoors adventure, I often fail when undergoing rock climbing, on the other hand I can succeed in mountainering. Be aware of the failure without feeling desperate.

Often human happiness depend on one or several things, but it is not immutable and could disappear at any time, money, or position for example.
Because it means when it is lost or changed, then we may get lost happiness and change. It needs a good understanding that we hang our happiness on our own. Happiness is the perception, that is what is there and we feel it is highly subjective. Things that make a person happy does not necessarily make someone else happy. Life experience, and personality of the person's environment will affect the happiness he experienced.

So better get used to creating happiness of yourself, instead of help from others. Its better if it can make other people happy.
Try to start making other people happy, then when everyone else is happy for you, you will feel happier.

We should be flexible in looking at and through this life. Sometimes I do not see the sense of happiness in ourselves more because we are not flexible in this life. We are too rigid and can not adapt to change. This is what makes humans often hurt. Because of something that would be easier broken rigid when under pressure rather than flexible.

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