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What's True Jogging Can Make Life Longer?

Ways to live longer and healthy to old, everyone would know how. But it's not easy to be consistent in doing it. Regular exercise and healthy eating, we admit is not easy. But the sense of want to live long and healthy life is always there. Any light aerobic stated are able to live a long jogging. That's a result penelitain, what's true jogging can make life longer?

Report of the Danish scientist, man or woman jogging on a regular basis experienced an average increase in life expectancy between five to six years. The greatest benefits of jogging, the researchers say, would be obtained if a person do with a slow or leisurely pace, and enough to make breathing a little out of breath. Instead of running at high speed which makes your body work hard.

"Our research results clearly answer whether jogging is beneficial to your health. We can say that jogging regularly extended. The good news is you do not have to do it too hard to get the benefits," said Denmark cardiac health expert, Dr Peter Schnohr, which involves 2,000 men and women in the study.

Conducted research on jogging Schnohr is part of a study titled Copenhagen City Heart Study. This study monitored 20,000 men and Danish women aged 20 to 93 years since 1976.

The team led by Dr Schnohr investigate the average rate of mortality among 1116 men and 762 women who often do jogging for about 35 years. Participants also were asked how much time is spent jogging every week, whether they are running with slow, medium or fast.

Than the group who never jogging, the risk of death in both men and women who regularly jog down to 44 percent. The data show, taking into account the age factor, jogging can increase the life expectancy of men and 6.2 years longer and women 5.6 years longer.

According to the researchers, the ideal jogging is done for one to 2.5 hours in one session at a moderate pace. Within a week, jogging should also be done between two to three times.

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