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This is Cause Low Libido

Libido greatly affect  passion intercourse, thus, two couples need to pay attention to the libido in the body. Libido is a hormone that increases sexual desire, in the absence of libido, erectile dysfunction can happen. Did you know that the libido can diminish and even disappear. There are many causes of decreased libido, ranging from psychological factors, emotional, and lifestyle, this is cause low libido.

Lack of sleep. The body needs adequate sleep to keep your mind focused, healthy body, and libido remain active. Physically, the lack of sleep will increase the level of cortisol can suppress libido.

Use of drugs. Medications used to treat depression, high blood pressure, and other chronic illnesses sometimes have side effects suppress the libido.

Erectile dysfunction. Men suffering from erection dysfunction often feel lazy to have sex because they feared his penis is not hard enough for penetration.

Stress. The body responds to stress by removing adrenaline and cortisol. The old stress can affect hormone levels affect the body and reduced arousal. Stress can also cause blood vessels to narrow the response to trigger an erection.

Depression. Libido and depression have a complicated relationship. Depression can alter the ability of the body's biochemistry and reduced libido. "Besides it's pretty hard to feel excited when we're depressed," said Mark L.Held, a clinical psychologist. Some antidepressant drugs also have side effects reduced libido.

Low self-esteem. Someone who feels he does not usually attract less interest in sexual activity. People who have low self-esteem in general are also afraid of being rejected.

Alcohol and drugs. A little alcohol may make you more excited, but excessive alcohol affects the nervous system and cause the body to feel tired and hard excited. Meanwhile drugs like marijuana will menakan pituitary gland that regulates the production of testosterone.

Hormone imbalance. Libido is influenced by testosterone levels. Because it is difficult to increase arousal condition often caused by hormonal imbalance, or low testosterone levels. A common cause is a hormonal disorder due to interference with the liver break down estrogen functioning organ. If the function is impaired, increased estrogen levels that decreased libido.
Menopause. Most women experience a decrease in sexual desire after menopause. Cause quite a lot, ranging from a decline in the hormone estrogen, so the condition of the vagina becomes dry and causing penetration to be painful. Menopause also causes reduced testosterone in the body.

Diseases. Serious systemic diseases, like cancer or kidney disease can reduce testosterone levels and reduced sperm production. Other diseases that cause a reduction in testosterone, among others, HIV infection and diabetes.

Love to fade. Couples who have communication disorders and the conflict continued until the end is not in love anymore, certainly had no desire anymore to intimate-intimate in bed.

No time. Many couples do not have time for sex. "Many people think there's always time for love, but at the end of the day they were too tired to have sex," says Irwin Goldstein, director of the San Diego Sexual Medicine.

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