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Tips That Are Not Hungry at Night

Weight loss program is the main thing is to manage your diet. Eating at night before bed is a taboo to diet. Hunger at night can sometimes be excruciating. Here are tips that are not hungry at night.

Breakfast. Eating breakfast is important! Not just for mengasup energy, but also prevent hunger in the evening. Do breakfast after 90 minutes of waking, and then proceed to eat every 5 hours during the day can reduce excess hunger at night. This caused the blood sugar levels remain stable and not create excessive eating, especially at night.

Dinner menu rich in fiber. At dinner, choose foods that are high in fiber. This will make your blood sugar remains stable. In addition, fiber to fill you up so that it can through the long night.
You can start with an opening dinner of vegetable soup warm non starch, or vegetable salad in large portions. Do not forget to drink plenty of water throughout dinner.

Backing at dinner. If you often eat lunch too backward, consider starting dinner back one hour. This will minimize snacking desires. 

Plan a snacking. The desire to eat or snack is often inevitable, especially when routine is not possible to eat regularly. If so, try to plan something healthy. Starting from the type of food, how much, and when you can nibble. This will take away from excessive hunger at night.

Do not stay up too late. Maybe you're cool activities, such as talking, watching tv, reading etc.. At this event all of a sudden you're hungry and want to eat, because the energy used. Therefore do not sleep too late, unless there is a duty on the night, and definitely need to eat for the body's energy intake.

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