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The Facts About Anti Aging Cream

Skin aging is often a concern, especially for women. It is undeniable that the older the skin gets wrinkled or aging. The problem is at a young age but premature aging. One of the ways used to reduce signs of aging is to use anti-aging cream. Compounds that play an important role in anti-aging creams are retinol content of which is a derivative of vitamin A. Retinol, which is also called Retin-A or renova, became the main standard in products anti-aging creams. However, many consumers who do not know the facts about anti aging cream, which may affect how anti aging creams maximum effect.

1. Retinol in the cream will break down if exposed to light and air.  
Retinol is very sensitive to light, and if exposed to direct light, most likely this material will not be effective again when used. A study conducted in 2004 and published in the Journal of Raman Spectroscopy showed that retinol is a substance which is unstable when exposed to oxygen in the air too much and often. 

After using the cream for a month, usually cream will not work optimally again as when first opened. This is because retinol damage caused by exposure to air. You can delay the damage retinol anti-aging cream by putting cream in a dark room, or in an airtight container to maintain stable longer.

2. Anti aging cream works best when used separately with products that contain acid
To work optimally, retinol requires a neutral pH. If we use a variety of cream products for the face, avoiding the use of anti-aging creams along with other products that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or vitamin C. If you must use products that contain these acids, should be used separately and in a long distance. For example, use of vitamin C in the morning, and anti-aging cream in the evening.

3. Depending on the strength of retinol levels. 
Concentration of retinol in the cream affects the content of their effectiveness in work, and remove wrinkles on the face velocity. Usually showed the most out after use for 6 weeks, but not strong enough to remove wrinkles and black spots on the face completely.

4. Anti-aging creams to improve your skin slough off dead skin.
How it works retinol anti-aging creams on your skin to peel it first appears to release the dead skin before making it look better. The best you have to do is use a cream with retinol content gradually lower until your skin has improved and no peeling. This will usually take between 6-8 weeks.

5. Retinol works best at night.
Anti-aging cream is best applied at night. This is caused by exposure to UV rays is less than during the day, and the highest temperature reached during the night. This will help the absorption of retinol into the skin so that it can work with the maximum. When sleeping, use a silk pillowcase to prevent the cream stick to the fabric.

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