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Risk Holding Urination in Pregnant Women

At the beginning of pregnancy, a woman will experience little change in physical condition, mental and hormones. Of particular interest is whether the change is reasonable or unreasonable.
One of the experiences of women who get pregnant the first time is a matter of frequent urination. Dying for a pee, of course if it will interfere if there is continuous, with a frequency of every 15-20 minutes. Therefore some pregnant women often hold urination. The question is whether the risk of holding urination in pregnant women.

Resource: Dr Judi Januadi Endjun  
Sub Section Fetomaternal Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

The incident was reasonable, because the bladder is located at the top of the uterus also change. Mechanically bladder will be increasingly squeezed by the enlarged uterus so that the capacity is reduced. Because the production of urine may be normal or slightly increased, while the capacity is reduced, then there will be a sense physiologically want to urinate more frequently. Of the emphasis on the bottom of the fetal bladder and the amount of drinking that much, it will also make the mother more and more frequent urination.

Mrs. should was prepared for, eg carry wet wipes with no alcohol to clean the genital area when the water used is less clean drinking and voiding schedule; and schedule enough time to sleep so Mrs. retired for the night.

If the pain occur during urination or urine was still a lot left over (urinary lampias not), you should see her doctor and the laboratory examination of urine.

Do not get yourselves better to hold the urine because it will allow her bladder infection (cystitis), which would increase the risk of preterm labor (preterm) and urinary tract infections to the kidneys.

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