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Causes Eye Skin Wrinkles Easily

One problem is the early aging the skin around the eyes becomes wrinkled. The eyes and forehead skin is usually the most vulnerable.
From all parts of the face, eye area skin is the most rapidly aging. And this affects the anatomical structure of the skin around the eye itself. Well, what are the causes eye skin wrinkles easily.

1. The skin is thinner
Compared with other skin, the skin around the eyes have a thinner layer. "The thickness of the skin of the eye area is only about 0.5 mm, so that the skin of this area have a greater risk of skin damaging factors," he added. Such factors include UV exposure, irritation, and other environmental factors.

2. Fewer oil glands 
Thin layer of skin on the eye area is also due to low oil glands (sebaceous glands). These oil glands function to keep the moisture in the eye skin area. This little oil glands will cause the skin to dry eye easy. In addition, the area around the eye also has few hair follicles that are useful to protect the surrounding area. 

3. Thin blood vessels
Because the blood vessels and the skin layer is also thin shelter, when the blood vessels and skin aging will be readily apparent on the face. The aging process will cause blood vessels to become hardened and narrowed.

4. Less elastic
The skin around the eyes classified as less elastic. The content of collagen that makes skin more elastic is very little. In addition, the collagen in the skin layer is also very smooth and thin.

5. Thin layer of fat
The skin around the eye have a little layer of fat, so that when pressed even this layer does not feel rubbery and "fat". A little layer of fat which will make the eye area skin, either under the eyes or on the eyelid, it will be easier and faster sagging wrinkles.

6. many flashes
Every human being must blink. Within a minute, you can blink about 15 times. And in one day, you can blink to 14 400 times. Muscle activity such as blinking eyes will also affect the formation of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
With proper care and perform massage in the eye area, this fine line can be disguised.

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