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What is Effect Excess Vitamin C?

What is effect excess vitamin C? we know if the lack of vitamin C can cause the body to dry, sore throat etc.. But right now it is common vitamin C supplement products in excess of the amount needed by the body. Is excessive consumption of vitamin C are negative effects to the body or not?

Recommended dose vitamin C for adults is 90 mg / day for men and 75 mg / day for women. The dose was not sufficient to smokers because of the negative effects caused by cigarette smoke. It is therefore recommended vitamin C was increased to 125 mg for men and 110 mg for women. This figure is slightly higher in order to protect the body against the harmful effects of tobacco smoke, so it stays in the blood levels obtained were similar to adults who do not smoke.

How about the consumption of high doses of vitamin C as there are many supplements on the market in the preparation? The initial idea of ​​the use of high doses of vitamin C because some books say that the easiest way for the body to absorb vitamin C is in pill form, and recommend the use of vitamin C as a treatment neutraceutical to protect against flu and cancer, making people compete use of vitamin C in large doses up to 4000 mg / day.

This led researchers interested in conducting research into the use of high doses of vitamin C. Apparently effect arising from the use of vitamin C dose of 2 grams is the change in insulin response to carbohydrate metabolism. Another undesirable effect such as indigestion, nausea, stomach cramps, excessive gas, and diarrhea.

Several studies that have been published stating that the consumption of vitamin C which is beneficial at doses 100-300 mg / day. Vitamin C in the form of a vitamin C ester which has been esterified to fatty acids, so that it becomes a form of vitamin C that is fat soluble. The aim is to facilitate the entry of vitamin C into the cells.

However, vitamin C obtained from fruits more readily available vitamin C is the best and always safe to use.

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